Our Activities

#ShardaFoundation pays the premium of more than 5000 widows in Chikhli and Khergam taluka under the #Pradhanmantrisurakshavimayogna. Today we added 250 more widows in village #RanveliKalla and #RaveliKhundh. Thanks to our honourable PM Shri #NarendraModiji for having the back of each and every Indian citizen in one way or the other. #ShardaFoundation insured more than 5000 widows under PRADHAN MANTRI SURKSHA VIMA YOGNA on the appeal of our beloved M P Shri #CRPaatil. One of those insured widows, Sumitraben Patel village Tankal, unfortunately lost her life in an accident. Thanks to the Pradhan Mantri SurkshaVimaYogna, her family received an amount of Rs. 2,00,000 immediately.... I would like to thank Amita Patel Shri Amitaben Patel (President Navsari District Panchayat), Sonal Randive Desai Jitu Patel Ronish Jain Divyesh Patel for taking out there time to present the cheque to her family.

SHARDA FOUNDATION had adopted two kids DEEPU & UMESH for their education till they complete there studies.both of them have single parent and there fathers work in agriculture field. today they got 4 days RAKSHABANDHAN vacation and happly going home

Felt so humbled, joining hands with Animal Saving Group, Vijalpor, Navsari for the selfless service provided by these young enthusiast volunteers towards animals. sharing pics of the event of donating Animal Ambulance. In the presence of Navsari District Collector.

Distributed 41 dry grain kits @village Khambda. thanks to Sarpanch smt. #Pramilaben Patel for drawing our attention towards needy families of her village.

two widows Manjuben & Bhaniben in the village of Kukeri taluka Chikhli lost their houses due to crisis of heavy rain! Sharda foundation promised them to rebuild their houses & within 13 days.... Today the building of those houses was completed and they were exhibited.

#SHARDAFOUNDATION fulfill promise to build house for Rukshmaniben@ Chikhli when brought to notice by Smt. Amitaben Patel (Navsari District Panchayat President) today inaugurated and handed over the keys to Rukshmaniben in the presence of Chikhli Sarpanch Ankit Patel, Dy Sarpanch Diptiben Shah Dipti Kavya, Jinesh Patel, Dharmesh Patel, Dineshbhai Rathod, Nilesh Merchant thanks to Manhar Patel, Ronish Jain, Dhaval Vadalia, Dignesh Patel, Shailesh Patel, Hardik Patel, for supporting our cause.

Few days ago, I received a call from Amitaben Patel Amita Patel (Navsari District Panchayat President) drawing my attention towards the destroyed house of helpless widow Rukshmaniben Kalidas Halpati @ Ramchandra nagar Chikhli... #ShardaFoundation pledged to build a new house for her and the construction starts today.

#NEEDYOURHELPINGHAND We @ #ShardaFoundation are overwhelmed with the request to extend helping hand in our activities and asking us to inform further in future for such helpful support therefore sharing here the details of the new activity undertaken to rebuild a house for Rukshamniben Kalidas Hadpati, Chikhli, Juna Valsad Road, Opp Ramchandra Nagar Society, Chikhli, which is totally destroyed and needs to be rebuilt again and it would cost approx1,25,000rs. Would be grateful for generous charity and donations. Plz DM for your #helpinghand..... POSITIVELY LOOKING FORWARD

Jeevantika takes a step forward to celebrate Womanhood and Recognize and appreciate their effort in their contribution the society in whole. In earlier times,men were considered to be the leading members of a family.They were responsible for earning the livehood and were the decision takers of the family.On the other hand,women were responsible for doing household work and upbringing of the children. So,the roles were mainly based on gender.There was no involvment of women in decision making.If we assess our entire sector,then research says that women's issues are either focused on her reproductive role and her body or on her economic role as a worker. But none of them is focused on empowering the women. As we know,times have changed ,women are right up there with men and giving them a run for their money.JEEVANTIKA fecilitates such inspiring women.

Hats off to Dr Quereshi and his (Manav aarogia Seva kendra ) team for rendering such dedicated and heart touching service at the medical camp orgainsed by Sharda Foundation for the needy. Can't express in words how much I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart. Just wanna pray for you all so you all can keep the good work going.... A big big Thankyou..

My Grand Father dreamt that every kid of rural areas such as ours should have access to academics. Keeping that in his heart he started a college in chikhli. Keeping up to his legacy, #ShardaFoundation pays the fees to tons of students every year and also we try and provide stationeries to government primary schools as much as possible. Today donated 1220 note books (Thank you Mihir Mehta New fancy Store for giving us heavy discount on note books) to Bamanwada Government primary School.handed over to School Principal Kalpeshbhai Patel and Sarpanch Bhupendrabhai Patel

150+ Policy distribution under #PradhanMantriSurkshaVimaYogna @ village Kangvai.along with Sarpanch Jayvardhanbhai. #ShardaFoundation added another 700+ needy women under #PradhanMantriSurakshaVimaYogna' @ Village Kukeri.also will pay the premium for 5 years.thank you...#Nareshbhai,(MLA Gandevi). #Bhurabhai Shah, (President BJP Navsari District). Amitaben, Amita Patel (ex Navsari District Panchayat President). Babubhai Jirawala, (Incharge Navsari District) Shitaben, Shital Soni ( Secretary Pradesh BJP) Mayank Patel Mayankbhai,( President Chikhli taluka BJP president). Sumitra Patel Sumitraben, (President BJP Navsari District women wing). for Supporting Sharda Foundation.

Kudos to #ShardaFoundation and Vimal Utchar kelvani Trust, Chikhli College for adopting and sponsoring Sarita Gayakwad, yes remember her when she joined our college and started taking part in Kho kho and even Badminton, here her talent was recognized and motivated, provided shoes and many facilities to bring out her talent and this was the time when Darshan Desai and DrJaymal Naik recognized her talent for athletics and trained. We are so proud of Sarita, wishing you more and more success in your future. We are always with you....

Honoured to have philanthropist Shri #LavjiBadshah (Avadh Group. Surat) who visited #ShardaFoundation's office today and was happy to see all the activities of Sharda foundation and assured to be with us in future.... "SHARDA" Successfully launched on the eve of 70th birthday of our PM Shri Narendrabhai Modi, conveying best wishes and blessings by 5000 widows adopted and insured by Sharda Foundation under Pradhan Mantri Surksha Vima Yogna. Thanking Our MP Shri C R Patil C.r. Paatil for being the inspiration, Amita Patel Amitaben (Navsari District Panchayat President) and Prafulbhai Shukla Bapu Prafulbapu for gracing the event, Chikita Patel Dr Chikita for the beautiful painting, thanks to Sanam Patel,Samir Patel,Snehil Desai,Drbinita Patel, Jihan Desai and my team Ronish Jain,Divyesh Patel, Yashesh Rathod. for the support.

#ShardaFoundation has been taking care of hundreds of needy widows that we have adopted. Be it with medically, groceries, building their broken houses, providing meals in this unspeakable pandemic. Now we have taken a step ahead to make them #selfdependent and raise employment opportunities for them. In respect to that, we have launched paper dish making unit for them. Already 25 women have been employed and more will be employed as and when we create more opportunities. Be it with paper dishes or any other initiative that we take. Thanks to DrSonal Rochani Shivani Desai #HetalGhaswala Rina Vachhani Jetal Desai Drbinita Patel Chikita Patel #KrutikabenShah Akhtar Shaikh and all our well wishers for being here at the launch.

Celebrated Diwali with kids by distributing sweets and firecrackers...

One more house of JASUBEN KHALAPBHAI PATEL build by SHARDA FOUNDATION which was destroy during heavy rain in the village GHEJ taluka Chikhli.

શારદા ફાઉન્ડેશનના લાભાર્થે પરમ પૂજ્ય શ્રી પ્રફુલભાઈ શુક્લની શ્રી રામ કથા સપ્તાહ નુ આયોજન તારીખ ૨૪-૧૨-૨૦૧૮ થી ૧-૧-૨૦૧૯ સુધી રાખવામાં આવેલ છે એ કથા નું મુર્હત નું શ્રીફળ આજરોજ પરમ પૂજ્ય શ્રી પ્રફુલભાઈ શુક્લ ના હાથે શારદા ફાઉન્ડેશનના સ્થાપક દર્શનભાઈ દેસાઈ એ સ્વીકાર્યુ હતુ